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An amazing advocate for First Nation libraries is on the move!

Dr. Sabrina Saunders will be leaving her post as CEO of the Six Nations Public Library near the end of October to take over as CEO at the Blue Mountains Public Library. 

Sabrina has been a fearless and tireless advocate for First Nation Libraries.  If you needed something done, all you had to do was ask Sabrina.  She has been instrumental in being a bridge between the library field and the Ministry of Culture. 

Her ongoing commitment to First Nation Communities READ has been amazing.  This past year, while holding down a full time job and studying for her Master’s Degree in Library Science, she also volunteered to be a jury member for FNCR in a year that saw just over 50 books nominated.  She read all of the books!

We look forward to continuing to work with Sabrina in her new role and know that she will continue to advocate on behalf of FN libraries

All the best Sabrina!