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We’ve relaunched our Professional Resources on LearnHQ!

We have some exciting LearnHQ news to share—the revamp of the Professional Resources section!

The Professional Resources are freely available to public library staff and library board members across Ontario. Curated by staff at SOLS and OLS-North, these pages bring together websites, publications, books lists, and videos on a wide range of library specific topics. The pages are designed in a way to contain information for both the rookie and the seasoned pro public library staff members—learn about a topic from scratch or catch up on the latest trends!  Looking for example of Strategic Plans from libraries across Ontario? Check them out on our Strategic Planning page. Which staff members need to be trained on accessibility? (Hint: all staff, including all volunteers and board members). The Accessibility page FAQ page has all the answers!

You’ll now find 15 topics available, with more to come in the following weeks. We always appreciate your feedback. Each Resource page contains a feedback page. Feel free to offer suggest and upload files. You can also email support@learnhq.ca. The Professional Resources that you’re used to will continue to be available as we transition to the new platform.

LearnHQ is a training portal for Ontario public library staff brought to you by SOLS, OLS-North, and OLA. The revamp of the Professional Resources is in response to the SOLS Training Consultation report. SOLS is committed to a flexible and user-friendly interface, while making the Professional Resources more accessible and visible and providing quality curated information and resources on various library topics.