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Digitization In Ontario Public Libraries – Update

Our Digital World Logo Image  OurDigitalWorld (http://ourdigitalworld.org) will be partnering with SOLS to conduct a survey on the state of digitization activities in public libraries across Ontario. We’re undertaking this research in light of the Ontario Culture Strategy goal to promote cultural engagement and inclusion, and the National Heritage Digitization Strategy goals based on medium and creation date.

Our intent is to determine organizational capacity and needs, identify current and recent projects, and find out about resources that help Ontario libraries succeed at digitization work: guides, policies and procedures, tools, and funding sources. As well, we want to identify collections of historical significance – especially where materials are unique or pertain to underrepresented groups – or where digitization is a priority for preservation and access in remote and rural areas.

The survey is scheduled to be conducted over the summer. To prepare, you can identify the person(s) in your organization who will be responsible for filling out the survey and start to identify relevant materials in your collections. Questions or comments can be directed to Allana Mayer.