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ESL with Mango Languages at Wellington County Library

We’re starting the year off by sharing an article that originally appeared in Hoopla .  Rosie Krul, Palmerston Branch Supervisor at the Wellington County Library, writes about using Mango Languages as an ESL tool, in partnership with Settlement Services.  Mango is one of many popular items in our Provincial E-resources licensing collection.

Over the past year, there has been a welcome increase of newcomers to our rural community. However, in our small town there are not many supports available for English as Second Language. Working with the Settlement Services team in Wellington County, we have devised a way to fulfill this need. Available through SOLS Provincial Licensing, Mango Languages is an online learning tool that provides our patrons access to instruction in over 70 languages, including ESL. It can be used on any device, including the computers and tablets that we loan, and allows people to start at the appropriate level and to learn at their own pace. This is extremely beneficial for newcomers with varying proficiencies in English.

Our partnership with Settlement Services started with a few of their clients who had accessed library services on their own. Settlement Services then reached out to ask us to run a Mango Languages course. Library staff created an introductory workshop with a focus on ESL and a member of Settlement Services staff translated for us as we demonstrated. At the end of the workshop, we registered everyone with a library card so they could create their own account. This partnership has been invaluable in getting more newcomers into the library, especially since some of them cannot speak any English. Our mandates include matching patrons with resources and removing barriers to service, which these workshops are achieving with great success.