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Staff Profile Series: Gwen Boyd

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Name:  Gwen Boyd

Position: Finance Assistant

My earliest memory of the library is riding my bike to the bookmobile to take out as many books as possible.  My nose was always stuck in a book. I took my children to the library and now I am bringing my grandchildren.

In 2007, after working for roughly 20 years in the non-profit housing sector, a friend suggested I apply for a position at OLS – North.  What luck! It was the perfect fit for me.  Working with numbers for an agency that helps libraries – who could ask for more?

If you could become a character from any book who would you pick and why?

Eve Dallas of J.D. Robb’s In Death series.  She’s just so cool.  She is strong yet vulnerable and supersmart, very no-nonsense, with great personal and work ethics. And she’s married to Roarke – enough said.

My favourite meal is…

I love food. Period. And so, one of my favourite meals is Christmas dinner because it offers many of my favourite foods in one sitting:  turkey, meatpie, mashed potatoes, gravy, lasagna, fresh bread and desserts.  Maybe this year I’ll add barbecued steak to the menu and then it will be just perfect.

A random and seldom known fact about me is…

We plan to move to our property in the Sables-Spanish Rivers Township.  It is totally off-grid, no power and no water. We will have a combination solar- wind system for electricity and hope to sink a point for water.  The plan is to be relatively self-sufficient with a garden and a greenhouse and maybe even chickens and goats. 😊

Do you have a favourite task or project in your OLS work role? Tell us a bit about it…

My favourite task is to reconcile – anything. Whether it is a general ledger account or a bank account, I so love the challenge of trying to find out why it is not balancing and fix it.

What do diversity, inclusivity, and connection mean to you?

It is about fully accepting and welcoming everyone, and it is also recognizing that I may never fully understand. I have not been in someone else’s shoes and cannot walk that mile; but I can listen and I can learn.