Staff Profile Series: Brandon Fratarcangeli

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Image of Brandon

Name: Brandon Fratarcangeli           

Position: Consultant

For the past seven years, I’ve worked as a consultant with Ontario Library Service, and previously Southern Ontario Library Service. My first library job was about 15 years ago at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Education Library, and there I realized for the first time that libraries are so much more than books and journal articles. I checked out puppets, toys, board games, teaching equipment for student teachers. It really helped shape my perspective of what a library can be. During my time at library school, I worked at the University of Toronto Libraries in Faculty & Student Engagement, gaining new perspectives on the community building, statistical reporting, and curriculum development. These experiences led me to my current position at Ontario Library Service, where I provide advice and guidance on numerous topics related to public library governance and service.

My favourite meal is…

Mushroom risotto.

A random and seldom known fact about me is…

My dream vacation to travel across North America with a teardrop trailer, and stopping at the best hiking trails. I especially want to visit the American Southwest.

Do you have a favourite task or project in your OLS work role? Tell us a bit about it…

I really enjoy working with library board members and on governance issues more generally. Before starting at OLS, I only had a very basic understanding of how libraries are overseen and governed. Through my experience at OLS, I gained tremendous insight into the importance of strong governance models for the continued success of libraries. I’ve met wonderful board members from across the province, and I’m truly heartened by volunteer community members willing to serve on their boards and strive to provide effective governance structures that support staff and let them excel at their jobs.