Staff Profile Series: Steven Kraus

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Name: Steven Kraus             

Position: Director of Training and Consulting

I started my career within the OLS with the OLS-N in 2004 as a Consultant. I’ve held several titles in our organizations over the years, but at the heart of it all, it’s always been about connecting and serving our clients libraries and their unique library board members to the very best of my ability! What started as a job, quickly grew into a passion to best assist Ontario’s Public Libraries in both French and English and that motivation to bring our best to the table still endures to this very day.

If you could become a character from any book who would you pick and why?
Michael Connelly’s, Hieronymus (Harry) Bosch. The Gritty, no nonsense, find-all-the-answer’s type character really speaks to my drive and convictions… plus the consistent sarcasm doesn’t hurt either… to entertain.

My favourite meal is…
Cajun Catfish, Wild Rice and Slow Cooked Molasses baked beans. I could eat that same meal daily and NEVER get sick of it…

My desert island record is…
This is a dangerous and impossible question for a musician to answer… so I am going to bend the rules and give you all a short list of Albums you simply need to hear at least once in your lifetime…

ZZ Top – Tres Hombre
Queens of the Stone Age – Rated R
Metallica – Master of Puppets
Exodus – Bonded by Blood
Voivod – Killing Technology
Oscar Peterson Trio – Night Train
Mark Lanegan – Whiskey for the Holy Ghost
Telefon Tel Aviv – Map of What is Effortless

A random and seldom known fact about me is…
– I’m 50% French Canadian and 50% Austrian… it still surprises folks when they review my last name… and discover I’m francophone! 😊

Seldom – When I’m not working, I’m usually immersed in one of two things… A deep appreciation of music, playing it or listening to it as a musician and as an FM Radio DJ or, I’m deep in the woods hunting, fishing, and kayaking.

What was the most personally inspiring public library related work you’ve helped make a reality during your time with the OLS?
I’ve been tremendously lucky throughout my career with the OLS and its predecessor organizations to have been a participant and contributor in many significant projects and significant events for the library sector. It has been incredibly rewarding to work closely over the years with librarians, boards, our parent ministry, and so many incredible other stakeholders. The list is exhaustive, and I am always happy to be out there building our brand in the sector and making strong bonds and connections for the good of our organization and clients.

Every day, especially in my current role, I feel even more deeply connected to everything that makes up our Ontario Public Library community.

It’s my privilege and honour to lead our talented Consulting Team through the work we do in support of Ontario’s Public Libraries of all sizes.

What do diversity, inclusivity, and connection mean to you?
I am grateful and thankful for any opportunity that presents itself, or I seek out to embed myself into occasions where I can deeply listen, learn, and connect with new groups, new cultures or perspectives different than my own. I am continuously inspired by the people around me who express their gender fluidity, cultural practices, and beliefs, which I might know less or nothing about.

I want to be thoughtful in my approaches to others’ realities, without imposing my lens on their experiences.

Life offers so much for us all to experience and share in the challenges and successes each and every person faces.

I am grateful to share even just a tiny moment with anyone who’s got a story to tell, especially in today’s complex world.

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  1. Thanks Steven – staying connected and supported by each other in our ever evolving library world is really important – I think this is a lovely idea to know our OLS personalities more. We will really miss Peggy so it is nice to remember our other supports at OLS.

    regards, Mary

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