Staff Profile Series: Karen Reid

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Image of Karen Reid

Name: Karen Reid            

Position: Director of Operations

I started as a summer student in the mailroom at the former Ontario Library Service – Escarpment (Hamilton) in 1989 and returned after university to be a part of the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS). I have been involved in many governmental and funding changes over the years and was closely involved in the merger of the Southern and Northern Ontario Library Services. I am currently responsible for Finance, Human Resources, Purchasing, IT, and Resource Sharing including Interlibrary Loan and e-Collections.

My favourite meal is
Anything Mexican – I could eat tacos or enchiladas every day!

My desert island record is…
My iPhone playlist with over 2,000 songs. 😊

A random and seldom known fact about me is…
I have my Bronze Cross swimming certification. I might be a lifeguard when I retire!