Staff Profile Series: Alexandra Taylor

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Name: Alexandra Taylor  

Position: Consultant (Bilingual)

For whatever reason, it never occurred to me that I could make a career as a librarian until I started working in a library at the University of Toronto during my undergraduate degree. But if I look back on my childhood, it should have been the obvious choice because I was always reading, loved going to the library, and even volunteered to help my elementary school librarian shelve books during recess. If you’re choosing libraries over recess, it’s probably where you belong!

I started my library career in academic libraries, then worked in knowledge management for a not-for-profit, and finally found my way into public libraries. I’ve been a consultant here at the OLS since 2016 (SOLS pre-2021) and I work with libraries across the province in both French and English. When I’m not at work, you will likely find me baking, gardening, or travelling!

If you could become a character from any book who would you pick and why?
Tintin from The Adventures of Tintin. He’s courageous and resourceful, has a cute dog, and gets to travel the world while solving puzzles and mysteries. What more could you want!?

My favourite meal is…
Anything Thai! Noodles, curries, soups… I just love the mix of sour/sweet/spicy. And I LOVE cilantro (controversial opinion, I know…)

My desert island record is…
So hard to pick just one, but currently: Black Pumas’ self-titled album.

A random and seldom known fact about me is…
I’m an avid traveler, have been to about 30 different countries, and have visited 6 of the 7 continents. Africa is still to come!

Do you have a favourite task or project in your OLS work role? Tell us a bit about it… 
I have a soft spot for the work I do with the francophone libraries across the province. I grew up as a French-speaking kid in Toronto, where it was really hard to find French books, French resources, or really anything in French. If I can make it even a bit easier for libraries to operate in French or offer services to their French-speaking communities, I’m happy.

What do diversity, inclusivity, and connection mean to you?
To me, diversity, inclusivity, and connection mean taking the time to listen to those around you, but more than that, really hearing what they have to say and doing your best to understand their points of view, experiences and challenges.

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  1. Hello Alexandra,
    Love your liking of TinTin! And, making it to Antarctica before Africa. I’ve been to parts of Africa – big place. I love it. Have fun

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