Staff Profile Series: Allison Pilon

Meet the team!
Today’s post is the last in our Staff Profile Series, where you can learn more about the people who help the Ontario Library Service provide seamless access to programs and services that strengthen all public libraries in Ontario.
Our final profile is of our newest staff member…

Image of Allison Pilon

Name: Allison Pilon

Position: Consultant

I am fortunate to have worked in public libraries for over 10 years before joining the Ontario Library Service. Working with the public, dedicated staff and providing innovative programming has been an absolute joy.  As I continue my work with public libraries, I am also pursuing my MPA to have a greater understanding of the importance of political collaboration and relationships for library leaders. I also teach the public libraries class for the MLIS program at Western University.

When I am not working, teaching, or studying, I am with my three little kids and husband who keep me inspired and motivated. My background is in music performance where I still play oboe and teach a small number of students. I love to travel whenever I can, learning about culture and exploring new areas.

My favourite meal is…
Anything Mediterranean! I love shawarma, salads and hummus on everything.

My desert island record is…
I love all types of music everything from baroque classical to electronic but for a desert island, it would be Bon Iver.

My favourite desert island book is…
The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, one of my favourite books.

A random and seldom known fact about me is…
I have hand crafted over 1,000 oboe reeds, as I started making them when I was a teenager. Oboe players need a lot of reeds, so I have had to become quite skilled at it. Also, I’ve run five half marathons and hope to get back into running when I have a bit more time in my life. 😊

What do diversity, inclusivity, and connection mean to you?
Listening, learning, and valuing the contributions in our communities. We can learn so much from one another if we open our minds and hearts. I strive to teach my children to treat all people with kindness, empathy, and respect.

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  1. Allison!!

    Reading this has made me miss you even more! I have a lot of love and respect for the OLS and I’m so glad you’re able to give the best of yourself to them. We will all benefit!


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