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Ontario Public Library Guidelines As An Assessment Tool

The Ontario Public Library Guidelines Monitoring and Accreditation Council recently released the 7th edition of the Ontario Public Library Guidelines (OPLG). First introduced in 1997, the OPLG have been updated and improved with each edition, the latest changes having to do with responding to emerging trends and issues, such as the findings of the Truth […]

The APLL Institute – A Leadership Development Solution

Public libraries are at an important crossroads in their evolution. While libraries have long mastered the introduction of new formats and have become quite adept at integrating technology, the issues of the day call for a reinvention of what a library is understood to be. It is crucial that the library’s stakeholders, especially municipal councils and […]

Introducing a Series on Competencies Based Professional Development

This is the first post in a series on competencies based professional development. This past spring I attended the libraries 2025 symposium. It was a tantalizing look at the future and an opportunity to ponder some of the many opportunities public libraries might pursue. One of the most inspiring statements I heard that day was made […]