Buzz about LittleBits

Have you heard the buzz about littleBits?  LittleBits are little colour coded magnetic blocks that make electronics easy to build.

After Elgin County Library purchased our first set in 2016, we knew we wanted more.

Our staff marveled at the simplicity of littleBits and it’s the simplicity of the kit that attract children to tinker and play.  There are no learning curves and only a few basics to get started.

First you separate your colour-coded blocks by function.  Blue provides power to your circuit.  Pink accepts the input you provide for instance faster, slower, dimmer or brighter.  Orange lets you build circuits in new directions.  Green is the output meaning your circuit can light up or buzz, for example.

Want to build something from the invention guide?  The guide has easy to follow instructions and diagrams.  After each guided challenge there are descriptions of how it works and what modifications could be made to enhance the project.

The sky is the limit when creating with these little guys.   Don’t forget about the free webinar on November 1, 2018 at 10 am Engaging STEAM & coding programs For Your Library With littleBits .  Think big with littleBits.