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MagnusCards: Guiding People to Independence at Libraries

Today’s guest post is by Nadia Hamilton, founder and president of Magnusmode –  a groundbreaking app designed to help those with cognitive needs find their own way in the world.    Learn more aboy how this app is used in libraries, and about the SOLS consortia purchasing discount for MagnusCards! ***************************** MagnusCards is a new app with […]

SOLS at OLA Superconference

SOLS staff are presenting (and being presented!) at a number of events at the OLA Superconference.  Please join us!  Wednesday First Nation Communities Read 2017-2018.  Presented by Feather Maracle Luke, Nancy Cooper.  1:00 pm – 2:15 pm.  Location: MTCC 202B   Thursday Investigating the Learning Needs of Public Library Staff: SOLS 2016 Training Consultation.  Presented […]

Introducing LearnHQ – Where Libraries and Learning Come Together

Happy New Year! Thought about your resolutions for 2015? Professional development is probably on your list in one way or another – in which case, our LearnHQ training portal may be just the thing to help you accomplish your goals.   LearnHQ will be a single access point for training opportunities offered by SOLS, OLS-North, and OLA, […]