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Fundraising for Your Library Build
Thursday, 11 May 2023, 10:00AM - 11:00AM
by webdeveloper

When communities decide to renovate or expand existing library space or to build new space, there is an expectation that some of the money will come through fundraising efforts. Two Ontario library CEOs will walk you through their fundraising experiences – one connected to a renovation and expansion project and the other with a new build.  Hear about their successes and challenges with their capital projects.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Basic principles to consider in fundraising;
  2. An understanding of the roles and responsibilities for staff and board regarding fundraising;
  3.  Strategies for targeting funders. 


Barbara Sweet - Barbara is a graduate of Queen's University with a degree in English Literature and was in the first cohort of the Ontario Library Service APLL program. In 2022 Barbara received a Queen's Jubilee award for service to the community. 

Barbara started her library career as the CEO of the Bloomfield-Hallowell Union Library. When the communities in Prince Edward County amalgamated in 1998, Barbara became the CEO of the newly formed County of Prince Edward Public Library, consisting of six branches and the County Archives.  The library is accredited under the Ontario Public Library Guidelines program.  The present project to expand the Picton branch is Barbara’s third capital campaign as they work to expand and make library branches more accessible. 

Kim McMunn - Kim started her library career as the CEO of the school-housed public library in Carlow-Mayo where, coincidentally, her daughter is now the CEO. In 2001, Kimberly moved to become the CEO of the Bancroft Library introducing automation and digital services. After 10 years at Bancroft, she moved to the nearby Hastings Highlands Public Library to become the CEO of newly built public library and community-hub.  Recently, she returned to Bancroft to take on the revitalization of library services at that library.  The next major project for the North Hastings Public Library (in Bancroft) is a new library facility to be located on the first floor of a new community hub which includes a multi-story affordable/accessible apartment building. 

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