As part of our mandate to ensure equitable access to collections and e-resources for public libraries, OLS negotiates discounts for e-resources, and manages shared e-collections of downloadable materials. We also offer discounts on a range of other products relevant to public libraries.


OLS negotiate the licensing of digital content on a province-wide basis, for products that reflect a wide variety of subject areas and patron interests


We manage two shared collections - downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, and videos through OverDrive and a French-language eBook collection

Collective Purchasing Agreements

Libraries can access many different purchasing offers, ranging from discounts for library supplies and furnishings, to programmable robots and 3D printers


E-Resources Ordering

  • Provincial and Supplemental Licensing programs will open in September.  Please see our E-resources page for dates and details.
  • Provincial Licensing products will be the same this year, but libraries still need to place orders for all products, even if purchasing the same products as last year.


The Professional Resources in Learn HQ have a Technology guide with a detailed “E-resources” section, with helpful information on selecting, organizing, managing and providing access to digital resources.

LearnHQ also offers learning opportunities for Collection Management Skills Development, Technology Skills Development, and Makerspaces.