Interested?  Please fill out the application forms for new or existing vendors.  The form will ask you for contact information, product information, and to describe your discount.  

What is a discounted offer?

 We ask vendors to offer discounted pricing that is better than the prices individual libraries have paid in the past, or some other added value that is equivalent to a discount. What does that mean?

  • Our primary goal is to avoid recreating offers from other collective purchasing organizations. If libraries can already qualify to get your products at a discount elsewhere, that's great!  We can mention this in our list of "other" organizations who do discounts, but we don't need to post the offer again.
  • The discount amount and format is up to you.  You might want to browse our current offers and see what others do.
  • We want to avoid different libraries being given different pricing for the same items. But if you need to offer scales of discount based on the size/volume of the purchase, the population served by that library, or some other measure, that is absolutely fine.
  • Some vendors offer shipping discounts, up front rebate processing, or other "added value" in addition to or in lieu of discounts.  If those are useful to libraries, we'll consider the offer.

Other Terms

In addition to agreeing to a discount, plus the rest of our standard terms:

  1. Where possible, pricing and billing must be in Canadian dollars with shipping and HST indicated separately
  2. Warranties and limits to warranties must be clearly stated.
  3. The laws of the Province of Ontario apply.
  4. Libraries will place orders directly with vendors and vendors will bill libraries directly.
  5. Vendors will provide annual statistics on sales as follows:
    1. List of libraries that participated in the CPA from April 1 to March 31 of any year. (Indicate which are Northern and which are Southern libraries if known)
    2. Total amount spent (individual library & all libraries together)
    3. Total discount (individual library & all libraries together)