APLL Our Leadership Approach

The following nine practices emphasize a leader’s responsibility for creating the conditions where others can be successful.

1. Cultivate Relationships
Build a network of respectful, mutually empowering relationships that value and utilize diversity and differences of opinion.  Facilitate collective responsibility and collective action based on trust, respect and shared aspirations.  Model a commitment to exceptional listening skills and asking probing questions.
2. Animate the Vision
3. Reach for Exemplary Service
4. Make Intelligent Decisions
5. Embrace Strategic and Purposeful Change
6. Create a Learning Environment
7. Develop Individuals
8. Sustain a Healthy Workplace
9. Navigate Municipal and Community Connectedness

The practices represent a useful framework for assessing individual strengths and areas for growth and development. Here is a self-assessment tool to aid that process. Use the 'Assessment Tool' tab to rate yourself on 10 indicators for each practice. Then use the 'Results' tab to view, save and/or print a visual representation of your results.