Custom Sessions and Support Statement

The Ontario Library Service is committed to supporting the local planning efforts and special projects undertaken by public libraries across the province by providing a variety of resources, ongoing guidance and advice, and facilitation services.  
These include: 

  • Professional resource collections on strategic planning 
  • Governance HUB customized training or support for library board members and board issues 
  • General Facilitation services for special projects  

Facilitation Services  

Ontario Library Service consultants are available, to support custom projects on a limited basis, to facilitate planning or other types of customized sessions for a fee for work that falls outside the scope of our normal consulting and training services or programs.  

Examples of consulting and training that fall outside of our normal scope include: 

  • Facilitation of meetings, focus groups or environmental scanning activities which involve advanced work and preparation, coaching or facilitation beyond basic setup, drafting or coaching. 
  • Strategic Planning Activities which involve advanced work and preparation, coaching and facilitation which extend beyond our normal general training and orientation activities.  
  • Development and delivery of customized workshops or sessions for specific public library or public library board purposes which extend beyond the scope of our standard offerings.     

Fee Schedule

Population Served
Hourly Fee Schedule
Up to 15,000
No charge
15,001 to 50,000
50,001 to 100,000
  •  Hourly rates would apply as illustrated in service contracts to: Time spent on-site or virtually facilitating customized sessions on the agreed upon topics or themes.  
  • Time spent preparing for the session content, as quoted in the contract for service with the client library  
  • Time spent transcribing notes or writing reports as follow-up to sessions or facilitation activities  

Note: The costs associated with the consultant’s travel to and from the session (rental + gas) are included in the hourly rate.

Availability and access to custom services are not guaranteed to any party and will depend on the timing, reasonable advance notice of intended projects, and overall demands from across the province at any given time. The Ontario Library Service strongly recommends against the submission or request of last-minute support or facilitation, as the regular flow of business will usually not permit the reallocation of staff or resources without sufficient notice, preparation and planning.  To discuss the possibility of engaging a Ontario Library Service facilitator, please contact us.