Excel Certificate Program

To obtain the EXCEL Certificate, learners must complete ten courses, including six (6) mandatory courses and four (4) elective courses, within 5 years.


Mandatory Courses

Students must complete all six mandatory courses:

  • E01 – Introduction to Public Libraries
  • E04 – Reference and Information Services
  • E06 – Collection Development in the Public Library
  • E20 – Public Library Programming
  • E21 – Customer Service Essentials for Front-Line Public Library Staff
  • E24 – Library Management and Supervision

Elective Courses

Students must complete any four elective courses:

  • E05 – Public Library Marketing
  • E12 – Collection Organization
  • E18 – Strategic Planning for Library Service
  • E19 – Readers’ Advisory Service in the Public Library
  • E22 – Community Outreach in the Public Library
  • E23 – Family Literacy in the Public Library

If you started the EXCEL Certificate before April 1, 2019, click here for the requirements.

About the Program

EXCEL is a practical, flexible, online certificate program that provides an opportunity to acquire and develop core skills in all areas of public library service.

Course Duration

Learners are given one year to complete the course from the time of registration and go through the course content at their own pace. Each course consists of three to six modules, and learners must complete and submit a final assignment for course completion.


Learners have access to subject experts with extensive experience working in public libraries. Course instructors are responsible for marking the final assignment, in addition to providing guidance and answering questions as you move through the content.


Each course (with the exception of the Introduction to Public Libraries course) includes one final assignment. Assignments are marked (pass or fail) by the course instructor. The purpose of the final assignment is to allow students to apply knowledge that was acquired throughout the course.

Course Manual

To access the EXCEL course manual, Click Here.


To obtain the EXCEL Certificate, learners must complete ten courses within five years. Learners may also choose to complete individual courses based on interest and are not required to pursue the certificate.


The EXCEL courses and certificate program are open to anyone with an interest in public libraries. Note that some course content is specific to the structure of public libraries in Ontario, Canada.

Course Delivery

All EXCEL courses are offered online through the LearnHQ platform.