Certificate Programs


EXCEL is a practical, flexible, distance education program that provides an opportunity to acquire and develop core skills in areas of public library service


The Advancing Public Library Leadership (APLL) Institute is a two year certificate program designed to expand and advance the leadership capacity of public library CEOs and managers.

Programs in Partnership


The Ontario Library Service is thrilled to partner with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Canada's largest mental health teaching hospital and one of the world's leading research centres in its field, to provide continuing mental health education for library professionals with the specialized knowledge and skills they need to support mental health in Ontario public libraries.

Ontario public library leaders have the opportunity to purchase a license through OLS for staff and management to participate in training using library-centric experiences and scenarios that address identified mental health issues facing library workplaces: 

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace for Leaders Workshop (4 hours)
Learning Outcomes:
a.) Recognize your own biases and assumptions about mental health and addiction in the workplace
b.) Apply given framework for approaching an individual who may be suffering from a mental health or addiction issue
c.) Understand the role and responsibilities of a team leader when an employee is on leave and how to manage the return-to-work process
d.) Identify strategies for creating psychologically healthy and safe teams in the workplace

Customer Service and De-escalation Training Workshop (2.5 hours)
Learning Outcomes:
a.) Identify self-awareness and self-management strategies
b.) Describe the application of de-escalation skills
c.) Identify de-escalation principles and the appropriate de-escalation techniques
d.) Knowledge about why specific de-escalation skills are used

How Does It Work?
Any public library in the Province of Ontario may request from the OLS a license for 50 seats to attend virtual CAMH sessions (Managing Mental Health in the Workplace for Leaders and Customer Service De-escalation Training) during any regularly scheduled week they are provided per quarter throughout the operating year of the program. A savings of approximately 20% is being offered through OLS to all subscribing public libraries via the program. 

Once a licence is purchased, OLS will provide available session dates per quarter. Ontario public library administrators can register individual staff members for either, or both, sessions through the OLS LearnHQ registration portal.

Once a library's total number of registrations reaches 50, or a full year has elapsed from the date of purchase, the license will expire.
Attendance and assignment of each organizations’ seats is at the discretion of their CEO or designate and must be coordinated with the OLS. The OLS will schedule as many members of the same library system together in each session as possible, but does reserve the right to distribute groups according to our scheduling needs.
Who Can Participate?
What is the Cost?
When Are the Sessions?


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LearnHQ Learning Management System

LearnHQ is the exclusive learning management system (LMS) used by the Ontario Library Service for delivery of educational courses, training programs, materials and learning and development programs. It is a registration-based system that is only available to those working and/or volunteering in an Ontario public library system, including library board members, public library leaders and staff, volunteers, and students.

The content on LearnHQ is developed to meet the operational and governance needs of public library systems and to support and empower the professional development and networking skills development of Ontario’s public libraries to continuously adapt and improve services to their unique communities.

Please visit www.learnhq.ca to register for an account and view an orientation video on how to navigate the system. If you have any further questions, please contact: Lee Puddephatt, OLS Training and Events Coordinator, 647-264-7328, lpuddephatt@olservice.ca.

LearnHQ Registration & Orientation Video