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Board Assembly: General Meeting
Saturday, 17 September 2022, 10:00AM - 12:00PM
by staff

This meeting is available for any member from any population range, who may not be able to attend their designated date/time.

Board Assemblies provide library board members with opportunities to share information and hear how other boards deal with issues in governing a public library. They offer suggestions and support for board training and serve as a communication link between the Ontario Library Service and local boards. OLS staff members are in attendance to provide updates from the Ontario Library Service and share relevant Public Library Board resources.

Board members are encouraged to participate in the Board Assembly meetings, even as the four-year terms for library board members drawing to a close with the municipal elections in October. The present library board members will continue to sit on the library board until the new municipal or county council appoints new library board members either at the first meeting of their new term (November 15th) or within 60 days of that first meeting (PLA,10(4)).  

The September 2022 Board Assembly meetings will be conducted virtually and by resident population groups.  We suggest registered for the meeting that matches your specific population range, but if a particular date does not work, you may register for another meeting. 

Location Virtual Meeting Room