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2SLGBTQI Workplace Inclusion for Gender and Sexual Diversity
Wednesday, 01 November 2023,  2:00PM -  3:30PM
by webdeveloper

Join Egale Canada for a 90-minute live facilitated interactive training session that introduces participants to the diverse identities and experiences captured by the 2SLGBTQI acronym, and gets them thinking about the workplace norms and practices that contribute to an unwelcoming atmosphere for 2SLGBTQI identifying persons. These ideas are then used to ground a discussion on the importance of respectful and inclusive language. Participants will gain awareness of the critical importance of fostering safer and more inclusive work spaces, and will leave with tips on how to be more affirming and supportive in their interactions with 2SLGBTQI colleagues, clients/guests, members of the public and other interested parties. This is a foundational training that everyone should start their 2SLGBTQI inclusion journey with and our best seller. PLEASE NOTE: you must register via the session link to complete enrollment. This session will not be recorded. 

Location Virtual Meeting Room