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Conflict Transformation for Real-Life Situations
Thursday, 23 November 2023,  2:00PM -  3:30PM
by webdeveloper

Conflict Transformation is a 20th-21st century discipline that brings nonviolent responses to conflicts from disputes to brutal violence.  While it is not a miracle solution to all problems it is a holistic and proven approach to the most difficult conflicts.

During the session, you will:

  1. Be given a brief description of the development and practice of Conflict Transformation in the world today; 
  2. Learn from real-life experiences how conflict transformation principles and application are used at home, work, community, nationally, and internationally with emphasis on work-community issues Have time for practice and discussion; 
  3. Be given resource lists for children and adults.

Learning objectives:

  1. Better understanding of the root causes of conflict;
  2. Become familiar with the tools available through a conflict transformation approach; 
  3. Become confident in one conflict transformation method 

*Please note: this session will not be recorded. 

Location Virtual Meeting Room