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Good Governance Through the Lens of the Public Libraries Act
Tuesday, 19 March 2024, 12:30PM -  1:30PM
by staff

Join OLS Consultants for a webinar examining good governance through the lens of the Public Libraries Act. Topics to be explored include board rules, transparency, financial stewardship, and relationships with municipality within governance and decision-making frameworks. The intended audience for this webinar is board members and senior library managers.
In this session, learners will:

    • Understand how to apply the Public Libraries Act to principles of good governance.
    • Identify key financial responsibilities of the board and how they relate to good governance.
    • Recognize the importance of building coalitions and partnerships with municipal officials.

*This session will be recorded and made available on LearnHQ at a later date.

Brandon Fratarcangeli has been a Consultant with the Ontario Library Service (previously SOLS) since 2016.Brandon's areas of expertise include governance frameworks, developing policy (board level and staff), provincial legislation, municipal relations and strategic planning.
Allison Pilon joined the Ontario Library Service as a Consultant in August 2023. Allison lives in London, Ontario and has over ten years of public library experience. She is currently a MPA student at Western University and teaches various public library courses for the MLIS program at Western University.

Location Virtual Meeting Room