Annual Survey

Opening Date

Monday, January 24, 2022


Saturday, April 30, 2022

How to Proceed


Access Go-Secure

Access via GO-Secure. Note: If you completed the ASPL last year, you do not have to re-register but you may need to update your password.

ASPL Database

Open ASPL database. Enter your GO-Secure ID (your e-mail address) and Password to login.

ASPL Instructions

Instructions, as well as a blank copy of the survey, are provided on the main ASPL page.

Section C Statistics

Beth Harding (OLS staff) has compiled statistics required for Section C: Holdings Library Statistics Annual Survey 2021 - for use in the ASPL if you participated in the OverDrive Provincial Consortium, Archambault Consortium or purchased specific products using the "Provincial Licensing" offers in 2021.

VITA Toolkit Resources

For those using the VITA toolkit from Our Digital World, you will find this resource helpful - the Guide Annual Survey of Public Libraries 2020: Make your VITA Collection Count

Who to Contact

For assistance, contact:

Ministry staff responsible for the Annual Survey of Public Libraries:

For questions about JASI reports, please contact:

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is responsible for administering the Public Libraries Act, and statutory grants under the Act including the Public Library Operating, Pay Equity, and First Nation Salary Supplement Grants Program.  They also publish the annual Ontario Public Library Statistics, using information collected through the Annual Survey of Public Libraries.