There are a number of steps that libraries must complete before using OverDrive:
  • This consortium is open to public libraries that serve a population of under 100,000, are not using OverDrive, and who have an ILS (Integrated Library System).  OverDrive is accessed using a valid library card. There are different ways that OverDrive can verify (or authenticate) your user's cards, depending on the ILS (Integrated Library System) you are using. 
  • Libraries will pay the full annual fee for OverDrive regardless of when they are added
  • Libraries must sign a participation agreement

If you are interested in joining, or are a new OverDrive subscriber and require instructions on how to set up access, please contact Beth Harding.

Fee Schedule

  • Effective January 1, 2024, the fee schedule will be as follows. In addition, the OLS administration fee of 5% will be added on the invoice as a separate line item. Please note that HST is added to the subtotal (base fee + administrative fee).
  • Population figures are based on the data from the 2021 Census.
  • UPDATE: As per member feedback, OverDrive Magazines will continue to be part of the collection in 2024. The fee schedule below includes simultaneous access to all 4000+ magazine titles (magazine checkouts do not count against a patron's checkout limits).
Library Population Fee
<1000 $    635
1,001-2,500 $    950
2,501-5,000 $  1,305
5,001-10,000 $  1,970
10,001-15,000 $  2,625
15,001-25,000 $  5,515
25,001-40,000 $  7,355
40,001-50,000 $  9,195
50,001-70,000 $  11,190
70,001+ $  13,340 

Please note: OLS administration fee of 5% and HST are both in addition to the fee schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

      • How long is my library's commitment to this collection?
        Answer: 1 year (January to December)
      • Can I join the collection after January 1, 2024? Or: If I decide not to join with the other libraries for January 1, 2024, can I join at some point after that?
        Answer: Libraries are allowed to join after January 1, but OLS is unable to prorate fees.
      • Is it possible to still access the collection but not the new titles if I do not choose to pay the fee schedule?
        Answer: No. If you choose not to pay the fee you will no longer have access to the OverDrive collection at all. 
      • What will OLS' role be with the provincial collection?
        Answer: OLS will continue to be the main point of contact with OverDrive and to manage the Download Centre site. OLS will seek input from all shared collection members through voting software 1-2 times per year when major decisions about the collection are required.
      • If I wish to start my own OverDrive Collection with my own website can I continue to access the provincial collection?
        Answer: By starting your own collection with your own website you no longer have access to the provincial collection.
      • Are libraries permitted to share OverDrive titles through reciprocal borrowing agreements with other libraries?
        Answer: No. As with most digital licence agreements, reciprocal borrowing is not permitted. Pricing is based on the population served for your library and usage is intended for your library's patrons only.
      • Can I rejoin the provincial collection after dropping out for a year?
        Answer: Yes