Search for French Bibliographic Records



1. Use the Advanced Search in VDX to Filter the search by Language, or try a Boolean search for:
  • Search for an author along with "roman" in the title
  • Search for an author along with "romans" in the subject

Use the Advanced Search to search by French language subject headings (Search for French Subject Headings here: or use subject headings from French language bibliographic records you’ve found in VDX.

  1. Search in specific databases in INFO VDX
  • Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - A search on popular authors/titles will likely bring up a lot of French translations that you can use as your captured bib record.
  • Hawkesbury, Bibliothèque publique de, a target with strong French content
  • Ottawa Public Library also with much French content.
  • The OLS-North targets are likely to have a good percentage of their collections in French
  1. Greater Sudbury Public Library
  2. North Bay Public Library
  3. Thunder Bay Public Library
  4. Timmins Public Library
  • Create a French language Search Profile. Add collections as above. 

Search Bibliothèque et Archives nationale du Québec

  • Choose the English or French interface (top right)
  • Click on "Using our Services" on the top left, select “Catalogue” from menu on left.
  • Advanced Search allows for limiting search by format, language, etc.
  • Click on “Details” for ISBN, Subject headings (helpful for searching in INFO VDX)

Search Bibliothèque nationales du France

  • Choose English or French interface (top of the page)
  • Click on "Collections and Services", select Catalog you would like to search
  • Enter your search terms in the search field
  • Click on record to view details (ISBN, subject headings for searching INFO VDX)

Search Voila

Search Voila  for popular titles/authors/subject headings. Use the Advanced Search to limit by language. Description displays ISBN and equivalent French subject headings if available. Either could be helpful for further searches in INFO VDX or Voila.