New Interlibrary Loan Platform

Our Interlibrary Loan software (VDX) is reaching its end-of-life in 2024, and this requires us to transition to a new software platform, starting with an RFP for vendors/platforms in the fall of 2022.

At this time there is no change to the functionality of VDX and the software can continue to be used to administer ILL as usual. The OLS is committed to a smooth transition with as little downtime and impact on library staff and patrons as possible.

Library Participation



In September 2022, we surveyed libraries that participate in interlibrary loan, asking them to give us input on features they would like to see in the new platform. 98% of participating libraries responded, and we included their feedback in our RFP.

Vendor Interview Recordings

Vendor interviews are scheduled for January 2023. We will be recording the interviews and posting them on LearnHQ for libraries to access. Interlibrary loan staff, managers, and CEOs are all welcome to view the recordings. This is an opportunity to see software demonstrations, and to submit written questions to the vendors.

Sign up below if you are interested in participating  Once we have the final list of participants, we will send details on:
  • Introductory Webinar: A webinar was held January 16, 2023, providing an overview of the project, and demonstrating how to access the recorded interviews. Webinar slides.
  • Recordings: The vendor interviews will be posted on Learn HQ between January 30 and February 10. As each one is posted, we will send an invitation for participants to register and/or login into LearnHQ to access the interviews.


If you have any questions about the move to a new ILL platform, please contact

Project Timelines

September 2022

Library survey on new ILL system requirements

September 2022

October 2022

RFP released for new ILL system

January 16, 2023

Webinar on how to access and review recorded vendor interviews

January 16, 2023

January 30 to Feburary 10, 2023

Recorded vendor interviews posted. Libraries submit question/input

February 2023

Vendor chosen

February 2023


New ILL system implemented