What are pools?

Pools are specialized collections of materials that rotate among participating libraries four times per year, for a typical period of three years. Participation is open to all public libraries in Ontario for a fee that covers the cost of the pool.

Ontario Library Service polls Ontario’s public libraries for their interest in new pools. We organize the selection committee, purchase the materials, send them to the libraries, and coordinate mailing the rotations.


Who Selects the Materials?

Ontario Library Service convenes a selection committee from the pool participants. The committee selects the materials and reviews the terms, conditions and procedures for each pool.


What are the benefits of participating?

Participating libraries benefit by providing popular and fresh content in a specialized format to their users every few months. Participation also provides a library with the opportunity to try new formats and determine their suitability with users.


What pools are currently running?

The following pools are currently circulating among participating libraries:

  • Book Club
  • French Large Print
  • Graphic Novel

What pools may be offered in the future?

New pools will be introduced in the near future based on library interest. An invitation to participate will be forthcoming from the Ontario Library Service.


For more information about Pools, contact Jesse Roberts.