OLS negotiates collective purchasing agreements (CPAs) with vendors for all public libraries in Ontario, based on libraries' identified needs.
  • Vendors must offer better pricing through CPAs than they would provide to individual libraries
  • We make every effort not to duplicate discounts or other collective purchasing offers that libraries are eligible to use, especially if offered by the Province of Ontario and/or various not-for-profit groups and networks
Our current CPAs focus on Library Supplies & Services, Collections, Hardware, Software as a Service, and Robotics and Makerspaces

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Other Purchasing Options For Libraries

Did you know that in addition to OLS offers, there are many others that libraries can access?  Use this checklist to make sure you have considered all your options for purchasing discounts:


Check your policies

Review own purchasing policies to confirm when you need multiple quotes - our CPAs can be considered as one of those quotes

Review the OLS CPA offers

If we don't have something you need, ask us!

See if you qualify for municipal offers

Check with your local municipality or regional purchasing department for any discount arrangements that you can access

Check other purchasing offers where libraries are eligible to participate

Libraries can access a range of discounted products and services from the Province of Ontario's "Vendor of Record Program" as well as offers from not-for-profit groups and networks. We've made a chart of the various offers, and instructions on how you can register to use them.

Vendors - Join our program!

Read our Terms of Service, then fill out our application for new or returning vendors. You may also view offers from our existing vendors at Collective Purchasing Offers.