Our consultants have the professional education and experience to bring to the table a breadth of knowledge on current library practices, and an understanding of the framework in which libraries operate.  Ontario Library Service consultants work at empowering library leaders to become strategic and political in their analysis of situations and to make decisions that are in the best interest of the library and the community.

Professional Guidance

Advice and assistance with management and governance of public library service.


Support for local strategic planning efforts.


Assistance with policy development and sample policies.

For Francophone Libraries

Services for Francophone libraries and library staff working with Francophone client groups.

For New CEOs

Resources and discussion groups for new CEOs.

Guidelines & Accreditation

Support for assessment of services and accreditation under the Ontario Public Library Guidelines.

Introducing the Valuing Ontario Libraries Toolkit (VOLT)

Valuing Ontario Public Libraries

The Valuing Ontario Libraries Toolkit (VOLT) is designed to help Ontario public libraries measure and demonstrate their value and impact within the community.

The purpose is ultimately to help you share these contributions with your community’s councils, decisionmakers, and stakeholders; reflecting the unique realities of the areas you serve. In doing so, you may use it to advocate for more (or sustained) investment in, or commitment to, the work of the public library in your community.

The toolkit is a step-by-step guide for taking information that you already regularly collect and organizing it into a Library Value Report (comprised of the SROI value calculations, optional community profile, and customizable information sheets) that can be used to share the public library’s impact with a wider audience.

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