The Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries is responsible for administering the Public Libraries Act, and statutory grants under the Act including the Public Library Operating, Pay Equity, and First Nation Salary Supplement Grants Program.  They also publish the annual Ontario Public Library Statistics, using information collected through the Annual Survey of Public Libraries.  All libraries and contracting municipalities receiving provincial funding must complete the Annual Survey of Public Libraries (ASPL).

Ontario Library Service staff can assist with these grants, as well as submissions for grants that we administer such as the Internet Connectivity Grant.

Annual Survey

SOLS staff are available to help you complete the grant application, due in May of each year

Grants Program

We offer support for libraries completing the Public Library Operating Grants, as well as the  Public Library Pay Equity (PE) and/or First Nation Salary Supplement (FNSS) applications

Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity Funding for 2021/2022 has not been confirmed. Further information is expected In August 2021

Federal Government Grants

Connecting Families

Learn how public libraries can support the Government of Canada's initiative to help bridge the digital divide for some low-income Canadian families.

This site is password protected. Libraries can contact us for password details.

Familles Brancheés

En apprendre plus sur le soutien que peuvent offrir les bibliothèques publiques afin de supporter l'initiative du Gouvernement du Canada qui a pour but d'aider à combler le fossé numérique affectant les familles canadiennes à faible revenu.

Ce site est protégé par mot de passe. Les bibliothèques peuvent nous contacter pour le mot de passe.

LYNX Projects for Learning to Code

LYNX Projects for Learning to Code

Your library can obtain free copies of the book "LYNX Projects for Learning to Code" as part of the Government of Canada CanCode project. This 128 page book is an easy-to-follow, self study guide and is aimed at children 9-16, and is available in English with a French version coming in February 2021.

Grain Farmers of Ontario

Looking for resources for a spring-themed take-home kit for your patrons? Good in Every Grain, Grain Farmers of Ontario’s public outreach campaign, is offering a free seed planting kit designed to educate Ontario grade school students on where their food comes from, the types of grains grown in Ontario, and how plants grow. The seed kit contains a cup, wheat or soybean seeds, a soil wafer, a how-to guide for parents, a coloring page, a ruler, and additional learning material about Ontario grains. This is a great activity to do during the springtime when plants begin to grow!

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